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The and VNS system is an option developed for museums which allows them to create a number of different exhibitions in same platform. An important benefit is that a CD can be produced for offline usage.

22. Sept. 2009 - new exhibition: "Majad Rakveres"
Available in Estonian:

03. June 2009 - new exhibition: "Klaasilaste ürgisa. Maks Roosma 100"
Available in Estonian:

06. May 2008 - new exhibition: "Ennistatud Eesti"/"Restored Estonia.
Available in English:

18. December 2007 - new collection: Järvakandi Glass Museum collection.
Available in Estonian:

07. May 2007 - new exhibition: "Surprise! Surprise! Art from non-art-museums".
Available in Estonian:

08. March 2007 - VNS packages updated: added new feature - text field for category description

13. February 2006. a. at 11.00 presentation of VNS and first exhibition in Tartu Art Museum, Raekoja plats 18.
Available in Estonian: Estonian Modernism 1900-1930